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Some views on parenting in today’s age. Views are strictly personal.

Are you your child’s biggest enemy?

This might sound like a very controversial sentence, but if one thinks about it, that is the case with many parents currently. We are really spoiling our children by feeding them from a silver spoon, without the kid realizing that it is a silver spoon. Many of us succeeded because of the struggles we had to go through our lives. And that made us value things. We value time, money, understand that the struggle made us tough to withstand adversities and come out stronger from them. Unfortunately, for many of us, our kids don’t go through that struggle and they never learn to value things. Life is not linear. Adversities will come. Will they be able to handle it ?

My suggestion is, do not give into every demand of your children. Learn to say no, once in a while, and be firm on it. Give them values. Make them realize the importance of time, money. Make them good human beings. Let them struggle a bit. Inculcate good habits in them. Make them work hard. Embrace a concept of delayed gratification. And they will stand a better chance to navigate life and it’s rigours. Get away from leaving too much for the next generation. Give them enough, so that they can get the best education, but don’t leave them so much that they will not do anything in life.

-Jiten Parmar

5 Replies to “Views on parenting”

  1. In short very much included . One thing need to handle carefully inform of kids is both parent should have same view any thing you suggesting ..if father is strict and mother is ok with kids demand than its Dialama for kids who is right

  2. Very well said Jiten. could not agree more!! As the chinese proverb goes – “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” Cheers…

  3. Completely agree with you, we all try to give out child what we never had. Child while growing take everything for granted without ever realising the efforts behind it. Neither they want to take those efforts by own,

    Truly the next generation will be less DIY type.

  4. हिन्दी में एक कहावत हैं, पुत कपुत तो क्यों धन संचय, पुत सपुत तो क्यों धन संचय।

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