Predicting short term movements in the market

The fallacy of predicting Short-Term movements in Investing

I keep getting asked this question a lot of times “What do you think of the markets?” My answer is “I don’t know.” We are in the business of equity analysis and not astrology. Let me give a recent example of how hazardous predicting short-term movements can be. Two events happened recently. On the same day. The RBI governor resigned abruptly and the ruling party lost elections in 3 key states.

According to media and pundits, these were big negatives. The market should have gone down due to these events. But, we all know what happened. We had a superb rally. Nifty rose by more than 600 points and broader markets also participated to a good extent. This has happened many times before too, when market behaved contrary to what many think in the short term.

Investors spend too much time thinking about short-term views. They must be spending that time wisely, researching companies, reading annual reports, learning about industries/sectors, understanding market and business cycles, doing scuttle-butt. There are a few things investors can control and a few things they cannot.

What they cannot control is market behavior. What they can control is their behavior. We try to predict the former, which is not in their control. Do the things that you can control. Control your greed, master your fears, focus on buying companies at good valuations, learn to be patient, understand and learn from mistakes and so on.

On the macro and micro front, there will be something or the other wrong at all points. Learn to live with them. What one can do and must be focused on is buying businesses at good valuations. Below their intrinsic value. Track them diligently. Always write a hypothesis before you buy. And keep visiting it at periodic intervals. A value investor always should focus on buying a dollar worth of assets at 40-50 cents or lower. And opportunities do come. Just wait for those opportunities. In short-term markets may always be not efficient. But in long-term, as long as the company you invest in performs, the stock price will follow, provided you have entered at comfortable valuations. Control your temperament.

One must also learn the art of selling. Every asset has a price to sell. When valuations are in blue sky zone, one may book profits. It doesn’t matter, even if it is a good/great company. Corrections are inevitable. Blue sky valuations also correct. Wait for the companies to come into value zone, before buying. An example. An IT major is still at a 30%+ discount to its price of the year 2000, despite growing its profit by 25 times in this 18 year period. It was a decent company then and is still a decent company. One will find many examples like this in the market. My belief is one should be detached from stocks. Never love them and never be married to them. Look at them critically from time to time. Seek disconfirming evidence from people in your trust network. Building a trust network is very very important and it really helps.

As far as Indian markets are concerned, we must have a long-term view. Short-term challenges will always be there. This country is going to grow at a good pace for many years to come. The demographics simply point to that. As per capita income crosses $2000, a lot of things change. Incremental income is spent a lot on consumption, health care and so on.

We, at Aurum Capital, always focus on the long-term. We believe our job is to identify good companies at good valuations, keep tracking them rigorously, and stay the course, till valuations are in favor. This is what we can focus on, and that is what we focus on.

As always, we eagerly look forward to receiving your response.

-Happy Investing.

Jiten Parmar
Aurum Capital
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Musings on valuations of certain stocks

Case study : Valuations


These are scenarios of 4 famous companies. which it’s not important to name.


Scenario 1 : Your grocery/consumables  bill purchase for the month is 10000 Rs. And you buy at a low-cost famous supermarket. Assume, that someone else offers the same set of goods for Rs 9500/- . What would you do. Most probably, you will buy from the 2nd store.

Scenario 2 : Let’s say you want to buy a TV. Price is 1 lakh and Rs. 30000/- is your down payment. Rest is 0% EMI (financed by store/manufacturer). There are 2 counters of the financial lenders. First one, who is a very well-known and famous lender,  offers 24 month EMI, 2nd one, is not a well-know name but  offers a 30-month EMI. Majority of users would use the 2nd option.

Scenario 3 : You want to buy undergarments. You go to a store which offers it for Rs. 300/- and is a famous brand. There is/are also other brands, which gives same fabric, elastic, finish but sells the product for Rs 200/- . Most will still go with the 1st option due to the brand pull.

Scenario 4 : You want to buy a cruiser bike. You go a showroom of a famous player in this segment who sells it for Rs 2 lakhs. There is an adjoining showroom, which sells a similar cruiser bike with same engine option, etc. and prices it at Rs 1.5 lakh.  Most will go with the 1st one as they had their eyes set on that one.

The first 2 in this example, are superb companies, with superb execution, but point to understand is that there is no moat. One should not confuse great execution with moat. These can be disrupted in a short period, let’s say 2 years. The 3rd and 4th are also great companies, with great execution, but have a superb moat. Disruption, if it has to happen, will take much longer time, maybe 5+ years.


The point, I am trying to make is on valuations front. Do all 4 companies deserve similar kind of valuations ?

Just my musings on valuations in some stocks currently in the market.


Disclaimer : These are personal thoughts. None of these are recommendations/thoughts by Aurum Capital.

-Jiten Parmar

Interesting times in equity markets

Dear All,

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After a stellar run in 2017, broader equity markets have given a very good correction. A handful of index stocks are up, and hence index is at a new high. The founders of Aurum Capital have been giving their views about the markets for more than a decade, trying to help investors make better decisions.

We had anticipated a correction in small and midcaps as a lot of froth had built up. The fall has been severe and sharper than even our expectations. We had moved significant funds to cash and into safer stocks in Dec and Jan.

Reading of the markets is important and if we can get it reasonably right, we can outperform. The reasons for the fall in small and midcaps were:

  • Over-valuations due to frenzy and euphoria among investors, ignoring fundamentals
  • New regulations of reclassification of mutual funds, which resulted in the money entering into few large-caps and away from mid/small caps
  • Regulatory measures like ASM, GSM
  • The feeling of political uncertainty
  • Macros turning bad – high crude prices, current account deficit widening, rupee depreciating, higher US interest rates resulting in selling by FII’s
  • Geopolitical events like the possibility of trade and currency wars
  • Increase in commodity prices
  • Interest rate hike

Some of these are still valid and can be a challenge in the future. On the other side, we are seeing micros improving

  • GST rollout has more or less stabilized. Collections are improving. Recent rate cuts in GST slabs give a leg to growth
  • Compliance in taxation increasing meaning that revenues for the government will increase
  • Good monsoon prediction
  • Huge focus on infrastructure by the government
  • Consumer discretionary spends increasing
  • No major negative surprises in corporate earnings so far

Some good signs emerging are that crude has started moderating, growth is coming back. The economy is much more robust and major disruptions are over, and we believe steps taken by the government will put the Indian economy on a very good growth path.  We believe valuations in quite a few of the large caps are not sustainable and there could be time or price correction or both. We, at Aurum Capital, believe in value investing and are very particular about the price we want to pay, howsoever great a company maybe. We believe a lot of companies have corrected well and look good at current valuations. We might have short-term hiccups, but we definitely believe in the long-term story of India and remain positive.

Many have asked questions like “skin in the game” in the stocks we are planning to recommend. The founders of Aurum Capital believe this. They may be buying or holding the stocks recommended to the clients. This will be in line with the guidelines prescribed by the regulator. What we think is good for our subscribers, has to be good for us too. Our interests will be aligned.

We are working on a few stock ideas while expecting the market to get stabilized. Our first recommendation will be coming soon.

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