Identify the company?

Can you identify the company? I have provided some clues to help you decipher the name of the company.

  • The stock seen its high in Dec 2017, there are 1000s of stocks that did so 🙂
  • The stock is trading at ~60% of its peak price
  • The market cap to sales ratio is less than half
  • The last 10 years average operating margin is more than 10%
  • It is a leader in its category, innovative products, global operations
  • It is trusted more by global MNCs, many of them are leading FMCG giants, than by stock investors
  • The company has entered into a new category and if successful could drive significant growth
  • The interesting part is one of the global funds was holding more than 1% till Mar 2018 is no more in the list of 1% category in Jun 2018 quarter. This fund was holding for a long time.
  • The others in more than 1% category are still holding or have increased their holding %
  • If we research more then we come to know that this global fund is acquired by another fund in Dec 2017 and selling by them started after the Mar quarter. One of the possibility is that the mandate for the fund could have changed.
  • The stock started recovering from August onwards. Was it because the selling of the fund got over or is it because of the general mood of the market?

Let’s name the stock. We will let you know the name of the company by next week. Till then we look forward to your response.


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17 Replies to “Identify the company?”

  1. THis one looks like Uflex. They have OPM of 10+% for last 10 years.
    Not sure of which fund was selling
    Made a high of 500 in Dec 17 and now it is at 6-%b of its dec high (Rs 300)
    They have global operations – Apart from India, they have mfg setups in Mexico, UAE, Europe & USA
    They have state of art packaging and printing m/c
    They have setup new type of liquid packaging called Asepto which will be growth driver in the coming qtrs

  2. It is not HUL, TGBL, RIL, DRL, but it has to be Uflex since it is really fit the chart pattern as well as the fundamentals. But, Uflex is really a great pattern now.

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