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First of all, let me reiterate, it was just a quiz and NOT a recommendation of any kind (buy/sell/hold). The purpose of this quiz is to make some of the readers go through the numbers. If someone reads this as a tip or recommendation then the whole purpose will be lost.

We received several responses. It has come on the blog, twitter, email, and whatnot. We are glad to receive them, as always. Thank you for your active participation.

Many of you answered it correctly though some of you got confused with Arrow Greentech, Lasa Supergen, Time Technoplast, Harita Seating, Tata Global, JHS Svendgard and HUL.

If you could not answer it correctly then also it is fine as long as you tried. What we need to do is to understand the parameters that we missed and that caused a wrong answer.

The correct answer is: Uflex Limited

Original quiz:


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